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15th April 2016
Alan Wake DLC Now Free for XBOX Owners!

Following the launch of Alan Wake in May 2010, Remedy released two DLC packs which continued Wake's adventure in the night.

Although the main game holds the official final scene for the series so far, the two packs explores the protagonist's state of mind in an interesting way. The episodes (referred to as specials) are written by Mikko Rautalahti (the writer of Alan Wake, Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Quantum Break) and expands on Wake's fears and internal conflicts.

Previously, codes for the first DLC pack, The Signal, were included in new copies of Alan Wake. For The Writer, players could purchase it for 560 Microsoft Points (around $7?), but the content is now available for free to XBOX360 and XBOX One gamers who have the title.

It's definitely worth checking out if you can!


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