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13th April 2016
XBOX Canada and Start Replay's Quantum Break Competitions

Following the release of Quantum Break last week, a couple of sites are continuing their celebrations of the launch with their own competitions.

The first is by XBOX Canada and is pretty interesting! For the last couple of weeks, XBOX took over an empty store front, located on a busy street corner, with a large display promoting the game. The display features a robbery of a burger store gone wrong; an event preserved within a time stutter. Tables are flying, the thieves are halfway through the glass window and papers are caught in mid-air. Even if you're not interested in games, the display is weird enough to cause anyone to stop and look in. (Seriously, I am hoping that a making of video will get posted up!)

Over the past few days, XBOX Canada has given fans the opportunity to check out the shop for themselves with a 360 degree tour on YouTube. (The click-and-drag/VR kind of videos.) There's three of them online which explore different sections of the shop. The thing which makes each video interesting is that each of them contains an easter egg. In every clip, there's a code which appears just for a few seconds. The code is part of a competition that XBOX Canada is currently running. Even if you could only find one code, it's enough to enter (of course the more codes the better, but you can enter with just one!)

For Remedy fans in the UK, Start Reply is giving away six Quantum Break posters signed by Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) and Shawn Ashmore (Lead Actor).

All you have to do to enter is answer the question mentioned on the site below before 20th April for a chance to win.


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