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19th April 2016
Max Payne Arrives on PS4 This Week! [Europe]

Rumours of this began circulating weeks ago with the reveal of online documentation showing age ratings for the title on Playstation 4, but today Sony EU confirmed and announced that Max Payne will be coming to the PS4 this week!

At present, information regarding the availability for Max Payne (PS4) in North America is not yet known as the announcement came through the European site. More details will be posted on here as they're announced.

If you own an Playstation 4 but have yet to play Max Payne, it's a highly recommended game! Not only was it the title responsible for introducing Bullet Time to the games industry but it was the developer's first step into AAA territory. The title was a massive success and is fondly remembered even fifteen years later.

Max Payne is due to be released on Playstation 4 on 22nd April.

Source: Playstation EU.


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