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4th March 2016
Adventures in London
Quantum Break Launch Tour Part 3 / Updated!

On Thursday 3rd March, a team from Remedy travelled to London for a special community event, which allowed gamers the opportunity to check out the game for themselves before the official release in April. Gamers had a chance of gaining access to the event either by being an O2 member, and being given the chance through the company's reward system, or by a competition hosted on IGN UK.

Below are a collection of impressions, photos and interviews from Remedy's time in London.

Articles / Interviews

Remedy on working with Universal Windows Platform, and Microsoft's plan to blur the line between PC and Xbox One
PC GamesN

At an event in London, I asked Remedy's head of media and partners Thomas Puha for his thoughts on Microsoft's ambitions, and how the creators of Max Payne fit into a world in which practically everybody is developing for mobile. Watch out for hands-on impressions of Quantum Break next week.

Read the interview, HERE.

Quantum Break's Time to Shine on XBOX One
Red Bull

Time is rarely there as anything but an additional layer of pressure, a threat hanging over the player which forces them to react and maintain momentum – but in Quantum Break, it holds additional dangers which haven't yet been explored in any other video game.

Read the interview, HERE.

Quantum Break preview: Is TV the future of gaming?
Digital Spy

The facial animation is fantastic, putting even games like Until Dawn and The Last of Us to shame. Every eye-roll, furrowed brow and facial tic is replicated in so much detail that it often takes your breath away. It feels like Quantum Break has taken the next leap in game graphics, living up to that next-generation level of gaming that Microsoft has been promising.

Read the article, HERE.



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