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7th March 2016
Adventures in New Zealand
Quantum Break Launch Tour Part 4 / Updated!

Remedy's marketing team travelled to New Zealand recently for a series of Quantum Break events in the lead up to the game's launch on 5th April. Last night, gamers had the opportunity to try out, what looks to be, the first episode of the title.

As it looks like the event ended fairly recently (time zones are weird), I'll be updating the page with more tweets, articles and posts as they come in. There's a few teasers for interviews and impressions promised in the near future, and I'll definitely want to be including those. :)

In the meantime, check out the coverage of last night's Quantum Break Community Event in New Zealand:

Interviews / Articles

Quantum Break - Interview with Thomas Puha of Remedy Entertainment
Darren's World of Entertainment

I was lucky enough to get some time with Thomas Puha of Remedy Entertainment, when he visited New Zealand today to discuss the imminent release of Quantum Break, an XBox One exclusive set to drop on April 5th

Click HERE to read the interview.

Quantum Break Preview and Chat With Remedy’s Thomas Puha
The Vanguard

Xbox New Zealand, who has done a great job of putting together fantastic events for the fans in the past, once again did an awesome job of putting together this game and chat event whereby invitees were able to have a relaxed game of Quantum Break as well as speak with Thomas Puha, the Head of Media at Remedy Entertainment, who was flown in all the way from Finland to explain more about the game to us at the bottom of the world.

Click HERE to read the interview.

Hands-On with Quantum Break on Xbox One
Attack of the Fanboy

Quantum Break is more than just your average third-person shooter as the strong story and time bending abilities helps it stand out from the rest of the crowd. I managed to play the first act of Quantum Break recently and I was very impressed with what I saw of the game so far. It has the potential to be a popular franchise if the full game manages to impress as much as the first act does.

Click HERE to read the article.



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