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21st March 2016
Quantum Break Livestream Playlist [New Footage!]

A few years ago, in the lead up to Tomb Raider Underworld's launch, I knew a website owner who posted official screenshots without actually looking at them. At the time I thought it was bizarre, if you're a fan of the game surely every bit of news about the game you're looking forward to would bring a new wave of excitement and speculation? That was about eight years ago, and it kind of weird how more aware I am of that mindset a lot more now. I can handle a certain degree of insight about the game before I try it, but at the same time I love checking out a game blind.

Today, the embargo has lifted on new gameplay footage and many sites and YouTubers are playing the first few hours of the title, showing both in-game scenes and live action.

For me, the livestreams are delving a bit more into the game than I would normally go for, just because I like to enjoy games with some insight but have it where I know very little about the course of the story until I get a chance to check it out. So, if you're in a similar position, I didn't want you to encounter spoilers for the game without warning.

So, if you want to check out the livestreams, I have made a YouTube playlist HERE, where you can check out a selection. Just be warned, there's major spoilers! :)


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