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22nd March 2016
Quantum Break Advertising... The Quantum Burger?

Today photos began to circulate on Twitter of a new piece of advertising for Quantum Break, and this one is quite bizarre....

So, imagine, you're walking down the road to work and you pass an old restaurant called Hero Burger which specialised in (you may have guessed it) burgers. The place had been empty for a while and the only thing that remains is the shell of the building as it's boarded up and preserved for it's next resident. Every day you pass it, it remains the same, a boarded up building on the corner of the street. Except today, you pass it and it looks quite different, painted black with the words "Quantum Burger" in the Quantum Break font.

For the next three weeks, this is an actual thing in Toronto's Queen West neighbourhood!

For more information check out Blog To's article, HERE.


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