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19th March 2016
Gamespot Talks to Petri Alanko and John Kaefer
[Includes Quantum Break Soundtrack!]

Petri Alanko and John Kaefer recently spoke to Gamespot about composing the score for Remedy's upcoming game, Quantum Break. Petri Alanko worked on the game's soundtrack with John Kaefer focusing on the TV show aspect.

The interviews are really interesting and very detailed! In one question, Gamespot asks Alanko about the type of score he wrote; as it's an action game that usually means a loud and dramatic set to accompany it. In fact the opposite is true for Jack's new adventure. Alanko's answer is unexpected but it makes a lot of sense and gets you thinking. His approach feels more logical, as it's a Remedy title and is more story-focused, his approach focuses on emotions rather than the action.

[Note: Tracks eight and ten are from the show] 

Gamespot Article Summary: 

Quantum Break may still be a few weeks away from its official release, but you don't have to wait that long to listen to the game's soundtrack, which was composed by Petri Alanko (who also wrote Alan Wake's impressive score). Check out the soundtrack below, and then read on to see GameSpot's exclusive interview with Alanko about the creation of the music for Quantum Break. We also chatted with composer John Kaefer, who primarily worked on creating the music for Quantum Break's extensive live-action sequences.

Click HERE to read the interview and to listen to the soundtrack!


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