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18th March 2016
Quantum Break at La Mole Comic Con [Mexico]

If you're heading to La Mole Comic Con in Mexico tomorrow, you might want to keep an eye out for Quantum Break activities taking place at the show. The localisation team and cast will be there and it also sounds like they're taking part in a talk.

Click HERE to go to the convention's site.

If you travel to the event, make sure to take photos! :)

Talk Information: 

-13:00 a 13:45 Xbox presenta: Quantum Break. Con Xóchitl Ugarte, directora artística; Andro Miralrío, manager de Kite Team México, y los actores de doblaje Enzo Fortuni, Carlos Hernández y Pepe Vilchis. Modera: Jorge Merino.

Talk Information [Translated]
13:00 - 13:45 XBOX presents: Quantum Break. With Xóchitl Ugarte, Artistic Director; Andro Miralrío, Manager of Kite Team México, and voice actors Enzo Fortuni (Jack Joyce), Carlos Hernández (Paul Serene) and Pepe Vilchis (William Joyce). With Moderator: Jorge Merino.


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