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7th January 2016
Max Payne Writes Motivational New Year Posters

Max Payne may be amazingly talented at some things but there are some jobs that he's just not suited for. A few years ago I created a series of Valentine's Day card designs using quotes said by our eponymous protagonist throughout his journey. Turns out, he is not wanted by Hallmark and is now banned from stepping into every card store in New Jersey again. That doesn't mean that Max can't use his unlimited supply of metaphors and writing skills in another way!

We're already a week into 2016 and chances are that, if you had a list of New Year's Resolutions, you're looking at them going "ehhhhhh". Don't worry, Max is here to help out! Below is a list of motivational posters created to get you pumped up for the new year and back on track. The quotes are taken from Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, but there's an added Alan Wake bonus one which I added in at the end.

Crater Lake / Original Photo by: WolfmanSF
Vasquez Rocks / Original Photo by Tqueask
Route 477 / Original Photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli
Saitama / Original Photo by Masaki Ikeda
Arrecifes Beach / Original Photo by Mijotoba 

Original Photo by Leandrorpo


As I mentioned at the start, there's an additional Alan Wake motivational poster targeted at readers who just need general motivation with life and not just for New Year Resolutions. This, I believe, fully captures the beautiful and unique essence of life.

Snoqualmie Falls / Original Photo by Meheranadk


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