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8th January 2016
Quantum Break Localisation Announcement
[Spanish / Castilian]

There's been a lot of discussion regarding the latest announcement for Quantum Break's localisation. This followed a tweet by Microsoft (@XBOX_Spain) revealing that the title would feature Spanish subtitles, but with English audio. Decisions regarding a title's localisation falls on the publisher's side, so Microsoft has the final say over language availability.

Original tweet:

Personally, the announcement of no Spanish audio is a little strange. For many games, localisation tends to follow EFIGS; meaning that a title would be available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. It depends a lot on areas of audience, for example if there's particular interest in Japan, then the game would also be considered for full Japanese localisation.

I discovered the announcement thanks to ComunidadRemedy, a Spanish Remedy fansite which has been following the progression of the news since it's announcement. They also linked to a page on the XBOX site where fans can vote in support of full localisation. Click HERE for the site.

This morning, Remedy responded to Microsoft's announcement in a series of tweets which confirmed and gave a little bit of insight into the workings of localisation:

I believe, so far, the only languages announced at present is full English localisation, full Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish subtitles. Please note that this isn't a full list! It's likely that the complete list will be revealed in the closer to launch day.


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