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4th January 2016
Walking the Walk: Alan Wake [YouTube Video]

It's the first post of 2016! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas if you celebrate it, or a fantastic past few weeks if you don't. It's crazy to think that it's now January 2016, when did that happen?!

To start off the new year, I wanted to return to one of my favourite titles of all time, Alan Wake. I spent tonight watching a pretty lengthy but incredibly informative and engaging video by AngryCentaurGaming. On his channel, Jeremy takes a look at video games and gives viewers an extended look at a variety of levels throughout the title, as well as providing in-depth analysis of the final product and backstory to its development.

A couple of days ago he uploaded a video looking at Alan Wake, and it's really good!

The video is about an hour and ten minutes long and explores the first four episodes of the game. Careful attention is given to not give too much of the plot away, so it's perfect for gamers who are familiar with Alan's adventure and those who are just checking out it for the first time.

Highly recommended!


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