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31st December 2015
A Year in Review / 2015

Last December, I wrote a list of things which were happening this year. Today I thought I may revisit it to see what happened!

The first thing on the list was Remedy's 20th Anniversary. In June, the developers held a video competition in which two fans would win flights and accommodation for a weekend in Helsinki, along with tickets to their 20th anniversary party. The winning video was by Guille and Javier of Zapruder Pictures, the team behind Mad Max Payne and Max Payne: Valhalla.
The party was held at Remedy with hundreds of party guests in attendance. There was chocolate, themed-alcohol, barbecue and champagne to celebrate the occasion. The evening even ended with fireworks over the building. Read the official report, HERE.

There were also 20th Anniversary t-shirts and bullet USB sticks given to fans who checked out the Quantum Break demo at various conventions and expos around the world.

In addition to Remedy's 20th anniversary, it was the 5th anniversary for Alan Wake and the third anniversary for Alan Wake's American Nightmare and The Sudden Stop.
Next up was Quantum Break! This year, Remedy returned to Gamescom with several new announcements. First was the reveal of the game's star cast which includes Shawn Ashmore, Aidan Gillen, Lance Reddick, Courtney Hope and Dominic Monaghan. Ashmore was also on the Microsoft stage along with Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) to introduce new gameplay footage.

There was also news of the release date: 5th April 2016!

You can revisit all of the announcements from Gamescom on The Sudden Stop, HERE.

In addition to that! In November, the title appeared on the cover of Game Informer with a new piece of impressive promotional artwork. As well as the large feature in the magazine, the GI website was updated three times a week throughout the month with more QB goodness. You can catch up on all of the coverage, HERE.
Finally, there was Agents of Storm, and this one is pretty interesting. Developed by Remedy and published by Flaregames, Agents of Storm was released last September (2014) on iOS devices. The press release, delivered on launch day, promised that Android and Windows Phone versions of the game was going to emerge "in the coming months". 16 months later, we still haven't heard anything beyond that announcement.

Mobile titles have a much shorter development time compared to AAA games, and while it's still possible that it's still in development, it's looking more and more likely that Android and Window Phone users might not see the game.

Still, especially as an Android user, I hope it will appear on the store one day!

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Where ever you are this New Year's Eve, I hope you'll have a wonderful night! 


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