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26th December 2015
Amazon's Boxing Day Lightning Deals / Alan Wake [ENDED]

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, I hope you've all had a relaxing and fun past couple of days... Or at the very least not horribly stressful. With the day of celebration behind us, the tide of Boxing Day sales are now here.

The Special Edition of Alan Wake (PC) is currently on sale as part of an Amazon UK's Lightning Deal. The boxset is currently at £1.99, and contains a poster, stickers, the game, DLC packs and the soundtrack. 

With Amazon's Lightning Deals there's a limited number of discounted copies available and a limited time. As I write this, a third have already been claimed. Once it's in your basket, you have around 15 minutes to redeem the offer before your reserved copy returns to be offered to the next customer. 

There's about three hours left to redeem the offer if the discounted games don't run out.

Click HERE to visit the Amazon UK page for Alan Wake (Special Edition) on PC. 


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