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3rd November 2015
Game Informer December Cover & Hub Page

QUANTUM BREAK FANS! Whatever you're doing, stop right now, and check out Game Informer. Jack Joyce will be on the cover of the December issue (later today) in an all new promotional image, but that's not all!

Throughout this month, keep an eye on THIS. It's the hub page for Quantum Break, where exclusive behind the scenes goodies will be posted every few days. The next update is tomorrow! At the moment it's just got the cover reveal available, but by the end of the month those hub pages are always absolutely packed with material.

Quick Update: Just after I posted this, the digital issue has just gone live! If you're outside of the US or prefer to read it on your tablet, check it out HERE. (3/11/15)

In fact, you can see a bit of some of the footage the site has below:

This is a major deal for the developers as Game Informer is the largest video games magazine in the world, with a 7.4 million circulation. Having Joyce on the cover is a pretty big thing! Stay tuned all this week for Quantum Break goodness.

As a quick side note, I want to talk about updates to this site in regards to it. This is a Remedy fan site, so of course it's going to be updated. However with GameInformer exclusives like this, there's rules to what websites can cover. I know some sites have gotten into a little trouble before about sharing material from them that they shouldn't, so it's something which GI takes seriously. As a personal note this is the third cover/hub that I'll be following and posting about, and I actually have a rough list of guidelines that I'll be following. However I will make sure that you will get notifications every time there's a new update and you will be linked to the all of Quantum Break's coverage.

Also here's the cover, anyone else getting that Alan Wake's American Nightmare artwork vibe? :)


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