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3rd November 2015
Alan Wake Retrospectives Collection [Halloween 2015]

In addition to the game discounts, one reason why I adore Halloween is for the articles. Every Halloween, Alan Wake gets talked about and always with a recommendation for the title. It's great to see that, five years after it's release and ten years after it's announcement, it's still a game that is constantly brought up. There's not only continual interest in the series but it's also highly recommended as a new title for gamers who have yet to try it out.

Here's a collection of Alan Wake retrospectives from the past few days:

Throwback Alan Wake / HenchTech / Link

"Despite the pleasant combat mechanics and the gorgeous visuals for its time, the most compelling part of Alan Wake is its deep and meaningful story full of interesting and diverse characters. A fan favourite is Barry Wheeler, Alans agent – a classic New York city-slicker who becomes somewhat of a sidekick type to Alan as the story progresses, however my favourite characters are the ageing rock star band; Old Gods Of Asgard. Without revealing too much, this band provides some indirectly yet incredibly memorable moments, that will remain highlights right till the end, as well as hints of the over-arching story within their in-game music."

The Level That Proves How Special Alan Wake Was / Kotaku / Link

"Remedy has worked closely with Finnish band Poets of the Fall in previous games, but for me, their best collaboration is here. I’ve seen bad attempts at original pop music and good use of licensed songs in other games, but Children of the Elder God, the song that plays as you hold off hordes of the darkness with a pyrotechnic show, was written precisely for this fight. The lyrics are about the fight against the Dark Presence, with references to the mythology surrounding the Anderson brothers’ names, like “Memory and Thought,” the name of Odin’s two ravens in Norse mythology. It’s not often that a custom rock song works so seamlessly with a game’s narrative, but it works fantastically here."


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