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18th June 2015
Into the Pixel Event / New Quantum Break Concept Artwork

Into The Pixel celebrates the incredible and breathtaking artwork that takes place behinds the scenes of video game. In honour of these artists, E3 is hosting an exhibit, which is currently open in the Los Angeles Convention Center at the Concourse Foyer available to all E3 attendees to check out. The art show will last throughout the entirety of the event, with the art on show June 16th through June 18th, so if you've got a badge, make sure to take a breath and walk over to the show. Following the event, each of the pieces will be auctioned off for charity via eBay. 

Included in the 18 piece set is a new piece of concept artwork from Quantum Break. It's called "The Night Shift" and it's by the talented Ville Joonas Assinen.

Look at it! Isn't that awesome?  I love the striking contrast between the light and dark, with the yellow really punching through.

For more information, read GameInformer's piece on the show, HERE.

Congratulations to Ville. The piece looks incredible!


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