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24th June 2015
Audio Occlusion and Propagation in Quantum Break / GDC Demonstration

Earlier this year, Thomas Puha (Director of Developer Relations at Umbra Software) and Jan Beneš (Audio Programmer at Remedy) took to the stage at GDC to talk about Umbra's technology and how it has been used in the upcoming AAA game, Quantum Break.

During their talk, they showed a demonstration how audio occlusion and propagation will work in the game. That means how sounds and voices will be blocked or distorted by objects and walls. It's really cool and really nerdy. Definitely something you should check out. If, like me, you're interested in the technology behind the game but don't have an in depth knowledge about how that all works, don't worry; the video is clear and everything is explained.

You can watch the demonstration below:

The 30 minute talk was recently posted in its entirety online at the GDC Vault. Click HERE to watch it!


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