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17th June 2015
Microsoft Announces XBOX One Backwards Compatibility

It's been a while since I last posted on here, and the past week or so has been just absolutely insane. At present I'm sitting in a hotel lobby waiting for a taxi to the airport which will around in about five hours and it feels SO GREAT to have time to talk about Remedy again.

So, if you watched the XBOX E3 Briefing, you may have heard some pretty big news. Microsoft announced a new feature for the XBOX One coming this holiday, backwards compatibility.

For me Alan Wake immediately came to mind and it was a title which also showed up on the screen during the conference as a possible example, but it needs your vote to make it a reality.

Microsoft has a page where you can vote for the titles you want to see playable on the two consoles, and both Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare are up there. The main game is currently one of the most voted games on the list, but it requires your help to keep it there.

The voting system is also a great way of giving a louder voice to the community, and proving that there's an establish and interested fanbase who want more adventures with the tweed jacket wearing writer.

To cast your vote, click HERE to go to the XBOX website.


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