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29th May 2015
Something is Coming Next Week....

Some exciting news today! Recently Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) uploaded a teaser about a special video coming out next week. The message was posted to Twitter and announced that it will be in celebration of the company's twentieth anniversary.

In the past, video messages have been reserved for the big announcements. In 2013, Sam spoke about the future of Alan Wake, as well as announcing the incredible pack of goodies in the Remedy Humble Bundle. A year later, he returned to tell us about Quantum Break coming to Gamescom 2014, and to show us a first look at some gameplay footage. Now, as of yet, we don't know whether it's a retrospective on Remedy's history (it is for the twentieth anniversary after all) or if it's an announcement of some kind. Personally I'm really excited!

In addition to the tweet, our Community Manager, Lauri, also  posted up a photograph, on the Remedy forums; a further teaser of what we could expect in the video:

Is that Alan Wake's jacket behind the screen? And a casual celebrity guest drop-in by Potted Plant? And a ram?!


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