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30th May 2015
A Collection of Alan Wake 2 Fan Art

A few weeks ago, Polygon posted a special article in collaboration with Remedy. Five years after the release of Alan Wake, we got a glimpse at the sequel that didn't happen. The prototype video expanded the idea of fiction turning into reality with different mediums impacting the real world. Elements of that prototype later became Alan Wake's American Nightmare, such as Mr Scratch's introduction as the new antagonist and the "rewriting reality" element.

With the new video came a series of new fan projects dedicated to the demo. Here's a look at some of them...

(Tumblr / Twitter

If you've been following this blog for a while, you may already know that I'm somewhat biased towards 03roku's work. It's always creative and colourful and introduces the characters in a cheerful light. (It also probably helps that I'm also a cat person, and their portrayal of Mr Scratch as an adorable feline struck a cord with me. It's just so sweet!)

What I especially love is the lighthearted take on the horror story. The game explores topics such as childhood fears, isolation, substance abuse and loss, that seeing charming fan art feels like a perfect juxtaposition. And I adore how they draw Wake, seriously, look at that puffy hair. I love it!

Soon after the release of the Alan Wake 2 prototype, 03roku posted three pieces of fan art; two featuring the protagonist's look from the first game and the third focusing on turtleneck-and-high-collar-jacket from the demo. All three of them were posted up soon after the video went live, and so I couldn't resist showcasing the group in this article. Plus only a monster would refuse this face:

InvisibleRain / Kristy 
(Facebook / Twitter / deviantArt)

Kristy, also known online as InvisibleRain, is another favourite artist that I tend to mention on the site quite a bit. She's also one of the most well-known artists in the community. After the prototype video was released, she uploaded four gorgeous pieces with very different styles ranging from linearts to chibis and full colour sketches. 

 She has a talent for picking up slight details in the character's outfit and facial expression, which she incorporates into her own artwork; adding an impressive layer of realism. These all come together to transfer emotion and authenticity of the character.

My personal favourite from the new group is the image above; something which Kristy reflects really well in her art is the importance of light in the series. While the prototype video mainly took place at night, it still had that important Alan Wake element of light being a safe haven, which Kristy has captured here. Plus there's something quite satisfying about seeing Wake surrounded by light, while you may not always agree with his behavior, he does grow on you, especially after you follow his journey for some time and see what he's up against. It's nice seeing him in a safe situation.

If you visit the site regularly you may know that I've also  featured her work in previous articles such as the Fan Art Fortnight event two years ago, the Tumblr Colour Palette Meme Challenge and her 200th artwork milestone feature. Make sure to check them out, as well as her Facebook page for more artwork!

Trenchkoat (previously Forsyther)
(Tumblr / Twitter / deviantArt)

Trenchkoat, formally known online as Forsyther, is another amazing artist who has created work based on the Alan Wake 2 prototype. You might recognize the name too from a previous article on here which focused on the Alan Wake submissions for the Tumblr Colour Palette Meme challenge.

Trenchkoat does two things really well: he not only captures Wake's look and determination perfectly, but he mirrors the atmosphere of the first game really well. Wake's look especially is spot on, with his expression lingering between dread of the situation and strength. Plus that hair looks incredible, it's all swishy and cool, very dramatic!

There's a bittersweet feeling about the piece too, it does make you want to pick up the controller and play the sequel. Also that crow looks awesome and very crow-like. I wish I had a pet crow, even if its eyes stare into the deep into my soul.

Thank you to all three artists for letting me showcase their work in this article!


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