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26th May 2015
Oskari Häkkinen Starts Up Futurefly

Today Oskari "Ozz" Häkkinen announced his departure from Remedy and the launch of his own startup games company, Futurefly.

Speaking to Venturebeat, plans for the company were already in progress from 2014, and over the months developed from a team working together in their free time to a nine-person company with financial backing.

Prior to Futurefly, Ozz worked at Remedy as their Head of Franchise Development, and travelled around the globe promoting Alan Wake and Quantum Break. While we're sad to see him leave, the new company is an exciting adventure and one that brings new and unique experiences... and also his betrayal will leave emotional scars. I mean, sure a new company is nice and everything, it also means a brand new coffee machine, but there's going to be new fans joining the forums after the release of Quantum Break who have no idea of the origins of "Hotskari". Personally, I think the move is a bit selfish! Gah, that man, he is the worst.

But seriously, I wish Ozz all the best with his new project, and I'm excited to hear more soon!

You can follow Oskari's adventures on his Twitter, HERE. If you want to learn more about what Futurefly is planning, you should check out VentureBeat's article HERE.


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