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18th May 2015
The Origins of the Alan Wake Community

There's a really bittersweet post on the Remedy forums that I would love to give a shoutout to incase some of you missed it. It was created by Peter Papadopoulos, our previous Community Manager at Remedy, who revisited the origins of the Alan Wake community for the game's fifth anniversary.

Before there was the Remedy forums, there was; an official Alan Wake community site created by Pete before the announcement of the game at E3 2005. It hosted news, articles, information about the article, and soon after it's creation, it had a forum. The forum developed over the years and is now the official Remedy forums with 15,483 members and a mini fanclub for a rebellious potted plant from the future.

The thread also contains forum statistics, screenshots of's incarnations and some really sweet messages.

Check it out HERE, and if you haven't joined up yet, make sure to do so. It's definitely one of the best gaming forums. (I am terribly biased, but it's true).


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