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26th March 2015
Alan Wake Sells 4.5 Million Units

Great news for the Alan Wake franchise! Yesterday Remedy's CEO, Matias Myllyrinne, announced that the title has now sold over 4.5 million units.

The last update given on the sales was from March 2012, in an interview with CVG. At that point, the team was celebrating selling over 2 million copies of the game. News of the new total came through Twitter:

The title was originally launched in May 2010, as a console exclusive for XBOX 360. However in February 2012, Remedy released an updated version of the game on PC which included all the DLC packs, the bonus material and gave the game more detail. At the moment we don't know where the series will go; currently Remedy is hard at work on Quantum Break, which will be due out later this year, exclusively on XBOX One. Shortly after it's announcement the company's Creative Director, Sam Lake, reassured fans in a video message that the team is eager to return to Wake's story, "when the time is right".
Yay! 4.5 Million! 
Congratulations to the team! 


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