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22nd March 2015
A Week of Rumours / Release Dates (Unconfirmed)

This past week a couple of new rumours regarding the release date for Quantum Break begun to circulate. As of yet, we don't know if they are true or not; neither Remedy nor Microsoft has released a statement. And while speculation is fun, it's sometimes accompanied by a slight toxicity; sometimes ideas gets mixed with what's officially been announced: a game which had only one official release date may still be referred to as being delayed for several years, like Alan Wake.

So, please keep in mind that neither company has commenting on the following.

Quantum Break's Release Date

The first rumour was started by someone who presumably worked in Microsoft's marketing department, who announced that Quantum Break might be delayed until 2016. Just prior to his statement, he had written on his XBOX blog about the rumour, but his tweet was a translation and sounded much more like a confirmation. The idea that he worked for Microsoft caused it to gain momentum, but his further tweets explained that while he did some work for the company, he wasn't an employee and didn't have information. Later Aaron Greenburg stated that he didn't know the guy, which died down the rumour.

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Microsoft Pre-Order Survey

Late last week, Microsoft began to send out a handful of surveys to gamers which tested the waters for possible pre-order exclusive packages. Included in the list of suggestions was an extra twenty minutes of gameplay, new oufits, new guns, a possible trip to meet the developers or a copy of Alan Wake on XBOX One. Nothing has been mentioned in regards to Alan Wake coming to next gen consoles, and apart from this no hint has been made by either side that it's currently in the works. At the moment this seems to just be Microsoft testing what kind of pre-order incentives would be postively received by the audience.

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