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18th February 2015
Discussion: Rumours of Quantum Break's Q2 Release

A little while ago, rumours began circulating regarding Quantum Break's release date. It's a subject which has been talked about frequently on multiple sites and it's been debated on the forums. Of course it's understandable why, it's an exciting concept that, by a specific date, we'll be able to explore Remedy's latest adventure. Before I go into the discussion, I just want to mention that I have no idea of what the release date is, no one outside the project knows. And Remedy has not given a specific release date, all we know is that it's due out this year. Any news outlet confirming a specific date or quarter are either guessing or relying on misinformation.

So the topic of Quantum Break's apparent Q2 release came a few days after XBOX Achievements released an interview with Sam Lake, Remedy's Creative Director. The video was recorded at last year's Gamescom. The article which accompanies the interview, doesn't mention a timestamp, but it's Gamescom. Honestly.

The interview was a catalyst for the rumour, perhaps from journalists thinking Remedy was starting up their marketing campaign, perhaps from those looking to read beyond the lines. How this particular rumour got started is...kinda weird. 

So, let's begin at the start, or as close as we can make it: Crossmap reported on a release date rumour and mentioned that it was unconfirmed in the headline. The site had a similar article, which was posted on 7th January which was roughly the same, but it was the second one which gained the most attention.

Now, even though the headline "Quantum Break Release Date, Gameplay: Xbox One Exclusive New Title Rumored to Arrive by June 2015" was clear on that the information was a rumour, the body of the piece was more confident of the suggestion. That's why several outlets picked it up as a reliable source. One of the sites which picked it up was Load the Game, which used them as a source. A week later, it was then reported on Crossmap again that "Yes it is official; Remedy Entertainment is going to release Quantum Break by June this year." In the article they give Load the Game as a source, the same site who originally used Crossmap as a source. In short, they just confirmed their own rumour by using a site which used them as a source.

Sounds crazy but this is where things get tricky. Remedy hasn't approved their statement, like many developers they don't comment on rumours, but speculation like this is where it gives the impression they have. Something similar happened last year when Quantum Break was apparently delayed to 2015, even though no one from Remedy nor Microsoft stated that the title was going to be released in 2014. The same happened with Alan Wake which was reportedly delayed many times...despite the game actually missing no deadlines and being published on it's first announced date.

Crossmap's articles were then used as source material for several news outlets including XboxMAD, Venture Capital Post and others.  It's important to note some misinformation in CrossMap's post, including slight confusion over the main characters in the game and their roles and the storyline. It also references an interview with the developer's Creative Director, Sam Lake, without a link or mention to the quotes source. That gives the implication that the interview is exclusive to them and information of a release date was officially revealed to them.

Recently, XboxMad reached out to Remedy for a clarification over the rumoured June release date. A representative of the company stated "At this time, we don’t have anything to share about the game’s launch date, but stayed tuned." which is currently being taken, by the site, to be a confirmation of a June release as it wasn't expressly rejected. Personally I don't think there's a hidden message, the company is just stating that they're not ready to communicate a release date yet. Yes, I'm a boring person. I am no fun. I am a monster and burn down orphanages in Scribblenauts. I am THE WORST.

In any case a Q2 release date feels a little too close. For most games, marketing and promotion increases dramatically once the title is nearing it's final months, especially if it's a huge AAA game like Quantum Break. It doesn't feel like we're at that stage, not yet at least. Once we get closer to the actual release date (whenever that will be), we will see a lot more material and information being announced.

Despite being an incredibly boring person, I can see why these rumours get circulated. If you have a passion for video games, you're bound to be excited about the next big thing. And it's an industry which thrives on creativity and excitement and passion for gaming. Of course people would love for a rumour about a release date for an anticipated game to be true. I can't wait to get my hands on Quantum Break!

Something to perhaps look forward to.... A little while ago Lauri, Remedy's Community Manager, mentioned on the forums that we may hear more news closer to E3. So while it's may looking unlikely that we will play Quantum Break in Q2, we may be getting our next look into Jack's world then!


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