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11th February 2015
Relive all of Alan Wake's Night Springs Episodes Online

For fans of Alan Wake, Night Springs will be a familiar name to you. It's the title of the Twilight Zone-inspired television series which appears throughout the game. Episodes can be watched on television sets dotted around the levels. Once all the shows have been watched, the player is awarded the Couch Potato acheivement, worth 30G on the console version of the game. The Night Springs logo also appears on Jack's t-shirt in the upcoming Remedy title, Quantum Break.

Three years ago, Remedy collaborated with Joystiq to upload all the Night Springs episodes online. Sadly Joystiq closed their doors a few days ago. While the pages are achived, the video provider for the site removed all the videos, which included all the Night Springs episodes.

Fortunately, Xav de Matos, the individual who worked with Remedy to get the episodes online, recently uploaded all the shows (including three bonus clips which didn't make it into the final game) onto YouTube.

You can now watch all the episodes on YouTube, HERE.


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