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19th February 2015
Alan Wake Coming to NVIDIA SHIELD

Today Nvidia announced that three new games will be coming to Nvidia Shield over the next few weeks. One of those games will be Alan Wake which will hit the Grid games library on 24th February. The news came through a moderator post on their forums which also announced Saints Row IV and Metro: Last Light Redux will alsobe joining Wake.

"Then, we’ve got two more incredible games lined up for the next two #SHIELDTuesdays: Alan Wake on 2/24, and Metro: Last Light Redux on 3/3. Collectively, these titles have garnered more than their fair share of Game of the Year and Editor’s Choice awards for gameplay innovations, visual achievements, and more. And soon you can experience them all for yourself on your SHIELD device of choice."

 Nvidia Shield is a portable gaming device with almost 40 games available to play on the Grid games library. The company describes the service as a "Netflix for games". If you're interested in learning more, check our their website, HERE. For more news on Alan Wake arriving to Nvidia Shield, read the full forum post, HERE.


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