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5th November 2014
How it Works: Quantum Break's AR Poster

For Quantum Break, this year's Gamescom was a big one with a live onstage demo, new gameplay footage, new screenshots, back to back interviews as well as demos introducing the public and gaming press to the protagonist's timepowers. For such a big event, the team partnered up with Fake to prepare an additional surprise.

Fake is a company based in Helsinki, Finland. They specialise in digital animation and illustration, and with their partners provides services for concept art, shoot supervision, 3D, 2D, compositing, editing, sound design and colour grading. They're also the team behind the incredible Quantum Break AR poster that some of you may have seen online or in person.

To anyone taking a normal photo of the poster or walking by it, it would look like exactly that, a poster. It's a rather striking poster, featuring a cargo ship closing in on a sturdy metal bridge as the sunlight peaks over the horizon. However point a phone with a specific app installed at it, and the boat literally leaps out of you. Through the lens you can see the various pieces of debris splintering off from the metal and helicopters surveying the ground.

Fake has recently posted up a small article describing how the technology worked and how it was used at the show. It's an interesting read, so make sure to check it out, HERE.

Photo Credit: Fake


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