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1st November 2014
Quantum Break Presentation at Digiexpo

November! Our first post of this month is going to be short but sweet. Remedy will be at Digiexpo (in Helsinki, Finland) this weekend showing off the gameplay footage from Quantum Break. There are two presentations currently scheduled at the event this weekend.

The demos will take place:
Saturday 1st November - 16:30
Sunday 2nd November - 14:30

Just a quick reminder that as it's All Saints' Day today, transport will be affected. Click HERE to check alternative methods and timetables.

Digiexpo is a convention in Helsinki, celebrating the latest technology. For more information, including the event map and directions on how to get to the venue, visit the official site, HERE. If you head over to the event, send us a tweet to say how it was! :)


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