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31st October 2014
Halloween Sales (Steam & Humble Store)

Happy Halloween! If you're planning a quiet night in, you might want to check out some of the sales!


Steam has deals on over a thousand horror games from big AAA titles to indie adventures. Ends 3rd November. Included in the sale is the Alan Wake franchise which has a 75% discount through out all of the games in the series. Check the new prices below:

Alan Wake: £5.74
Alan Wake's American Nightmare: £1.74
Collector's Edition Extras: £1.74
Complete Franchise: £6.74

Click HERE to go to the landing page on Steam.

The Humble Store

The Humble Bundle is celebrating Halloween with a series of flashsales.The Alan Wake Franchise is currently 75% off. The pack contains Alan Wake, Alan Wake's American Nightmare and the Collection Edition Extras. The offer is part of the store's daily deal and will only be available for the next 2 days.

10% of the proceeds from each game purchased at the store goes directly to a series of charities which include Child's Play, American Red Cross, Charity Water, Electronic Frontier Foundation and World Land Trust.

Click HERE to go to the landing page on The Humble Bundle. 


The Control Series

The Crossfire Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series




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