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3rd June 2014
Updated List of Job Openings at Remedy

Remedy has recently updated their full list of available job positions at the company.

The positions are: Animation Tracking Artist (EDGE link), Animation Programmer (EDGE link), Controller (EDGE link), Digital Marketing Trainee (EDGE link), QA Engineer (EDGE link), Senior Producer / Producer (EDGE link), Game Designer (EDGE link), Senior Game Artist (EDGE link), Concept Artist (EDGE link), 3D Artist /Animator (EDGE link), Lead Programmer (EDGE link), Lead Artist (EDGE link), Senior Animation Programmer (EDGE link), Gameplay Animator (EDGE link).

I've added links to EDGE magazine as the website also posts the application deadline. Please note that the closing date may change so if you don't manage to send your CV in time, check back to make sure it hasn't been extended. Another thing; some job positions have been available for a while, for example "Gameplay Animator" was posted 243 days ago, Remedy sometimes has three openings for one title, so despite being posted a while ago, they're still open.

If your ideal job is not currently available, you can send an open application. Click HERE for more details. Best of luck to those applying!


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