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12th June 2014
Community Spotlight: Fade's Fanart

While Remedy may not be working on the sequel to Alan Wake just yet, fans have been continually creating incredible pieces of fan art in tribute to the series. This post is about one of my favourite artists: Fade, also known as Cangsir on Tumblr, who has recently posted a number of drawings online starring our eponymous protagonist.

If you follow The Sudden Stop on Twitter you may recognise the username or some of the artwork, from a few shout outs. I can't describe how much I adore these images, especially the drawings which interact with the artist. They're very sweet.

I particularly admire artists who enjoy exploring and trying different styles of art. With Fade you have the more traditional pen and paper drawings such as the little figures, but there's also some digital artwork.

While many people have their own interpretation of Wake's character, mine is definitely how Fade portrays him as in the image below. I like to think he sits on a rock or tree stump whenever the closing credits to an episode plays and enjoys a cup of...vaguely cold coffee.

All the works on this page was created by Fade. You can see more awesome drawings on Tumblr, HERE. Make sure to check them out!


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