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31st May 2014
Matias Myllyrinne Talks to BBC Radio

A little while ago, Matias Myllyrinne (CEO at Remedy) talked to BBC Radio about the challenges of creating Remedy's upcoming, ambitious title; Quantum Break. The BBC are sometimes strange about what they let people read/watch/see on their website if you're outside of the UK, but this podcast is available to everyone, worldwide. The entire show is around 40 minutes in length, with Matias' interview lasting for 6 minutes, the link below will skip to the Quantum Break section part of the show.

Slightly off topic, but I was listening to the podcast again while I was writing this post. I've just realised that they announced the 2015 release date before Remedy posted the Quantum Break Gameplay Teaser. Accidental or sneaky hint? :)

Click HERE to listen to the interview.


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