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26th March 2014
Community Spotlight: Roscoe Street Station Remade by Kennyist

Last year I posted about the Alan Wake rainmeter theme, a fan project, which integrated the game's on-screen overlays and weapon menu system into a fully functioning interface for your desktop. It was an ambitious project but one that looked incredible when the final screenshots were posted. The fan behind the project was Tristan, also known as Kennyist, and he recently finished another equally impressive project.

It's been 13 years since the original Max Payne game was released. The title still looks and plays great, but it's interesting to imagine just how the game would look with modern graphics. Tristan's new project explores that intrigue.

Using the original level design and reference photos from Astor Place subway station, he has recreated Roscoe Street Station in Cry Engine 3 and it looks stunning. Check out the links below for more details about the project!

Read his original post on the Remedy forums, HERE.
Follow him on Twitter, HERE.
Check out his Alan Wake rainmeter theme, HERE.


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