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7th April 2014
Remedy at Aalto in the Game

Live near or in Helsinki? Interested about working in the video game industry? Have some free time tomorrow? If the answer to all three is "yes!" then you might want to check out Aalto in the Game Recruiting Event.

The career fair takes place tomorrow (Tuesday 8th April 2014) and will be split into two sections; 12:00-14:00 and 14:00 onwards. The first section will take place at Urban Mill and focus on industry information. The second section will be at Aalto Design Factory and will be a place where you can meet advisers and potential employees such as Rovio, Next Games, RedLynx and Remedy. 

Remedy will be at stand number 10. If you're planning on going along, make sure to check out their current vacancies, HERE.

For more details on the event, visit the official event website HERE.

From Aalto in the Game website:
"The renowned game field recruiting event is back! Aalto in the Game takes place in the creative environment of Aalto Design Factory and Urban Mill on Tue 8 April 2014 on Otaniemi campus."

"The event is open for various kinds of game industry employers and organizations. Aalto University offers a diverse range of study programs and courses that can be applied in the game field and educates future talents for the growing recruiting needs of the industry. We'll also welcome Aalto alumni as well as students from other universities and universities of applied sciences join the event."


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