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20th March 2014
FMQ Interviews Petri Alanko, Composer at Remedy

FMQ (Finnish Music Quarterly) recently sat down with a group of composers including Vesa-Matti Mattson and Kalle Ylitalo for a recent article about the music and video game industry in Finland. The article also features a great interview with Petri Alanko in which he talks about his experiences in the industry as well as creating music for Remedy's titles.

Extract from the article:
Working as a musician in the games industry is not all wine and roses, though. Alanko stresses that it requires intense discipline and a lot of patience, because many things change during the game development process, including the music. And sometimes schedules are every bit as hectic as in pop music.

“I’ve never run into a complete catastrophe, but sometimes the faster moves the marketing department pulls off can result in very sudden audio needs, so you don’t always have the luxury of working on something for weeks on end. Sometimes they need it fast and your calendar’s full as it is,” Alanko ruminates.
If you haven't already, make sure to check out the piece! Click HERE to read the article.


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