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3rd January 2014
Signed Photograph Competition Reminder

Just wanted to post a quick reminder about our competition where you can win an American Nightmare photograph signed by Fred Berman. Only three days left to enter!

(Competition Ends 5th January 2014 23:59 GMT)

How would you like to win an Alan Wake's American Nightmare photograph signed by Fred Berman?
Fans of both the Alan Wake and Max Payne series will recognise his name; he voiced both Barry Wheeler and Vinnie Gognitti (MP2). Two of the community's favourite characters! A few months ago, he kindly signed some photographs for the site to be given away to Remedy fans in a competition.

The image above doesn't do the prize justice! The photograph is a piece of promotional artwork from Alan Wake's American Nightmare which has been professionally printed on glossy photo paper. The signature is by the extremely lovely Fred Berman and is completely authentic. It's a fantastic and rare piece of merchandise to own!
Interested in entering? Make sure to head over to our original post for full details:


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