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31st December 2013
Moments of 2013

With 2013 fading, it's time to look back again at the year. In 2012 we saw the release of American Nightmare and the PC version of Alan Wake. With that kind of lineup, 2013 had some tough competition, but it definitely didn't disappoint!

The past year has been incredible; we had so many surprises and treats throughout! In May, Quantum Break was announced at the XBOX One reveal event. We also had a quick teaser of Agents of Storm at VGX earlier this month. Poets of the Fall celebrated their 10th anniversary along with 10th anniversary of Max Payne 2. Team Remedy smashed their total last year and raised a fantastic €688 during Movemeber.
There were so many good moments! Let's see what 2014 holds!

Thank you to everyone who has visited this website this past year, it's been absolutely incredible and I really appreciate your support.

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