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10th January 2014
What Does 2014 Hold?

There's always a strange thing that happens in January; we enter the year full of hope and promises and then we return to our daily lives only to find the pile of work that we had put off just before the holidays. The next few days are full of headaches, late nights and endless multi-tasking and it's sometimes difficult to remember the highs from just a few nights before. It's good to remind ourselves of what we have to look forward to, and for those currently panicking over tasks, I empathise.

2013 was definitely an exciting year for us. We saw the announcement of a brand new AAA title, Quantum Break, an exclusive title for the XBOX One which promises to be "Ultimate Remedy Experience". We also saw the announcement of the developer's new tablet game, Agents of Storm.

So, what can we look forward to this year?

Agents of Storm
During Remedy's spot at last month's VGX, it was confirmed that Agents of Storm will be released early this year! The title has been described as a reversed tower defense game taking place on water. The video below features the interview with Johannes from the show as well as new gameplay footage. It's currently planned to be released on Apple devices. More details to come shortly!

Our predictions for Agents of Storm this year? I think we'll see the title released somewhere around mid March or early April with perhaps an Android version announced this Summer.

News on Quantum Break
While Remedy hasn't revealed the title's release date yet, we can expect to see lots of new material such as screenshots, interviews, behind the scenes photos, trailers and all that lovely goodness over the next several months. Ozz stated during the VGX interview that next time Remedy shows off the game, they will be focusing on the protagonists' time-bending abilities.

Our Quantum Break related predictions for this year? I'm expecting that we'll be hearing a lot of news from the developers this year not just about the game but also about the television series that will run along side it. We'll be hearing more about the different time abilities, the type of choices you will face during junction moments and what sort of impact they will have, more of a focus on combat gameplay, more information regarding Monarch, and the setup for the television shows. By the end of the year there might also be longer gameplay footage or segments of the game played during interviews.

While it's not impossible, I think it's unlikely that we'll see the title released this year given the size of the project.. If it is released later this year, I think we'll be looking at a Q4 release.

New Poets of the Fall Album
A new Poets of the Fall album is on its way! I'm excited! Last year the band celebrated their 10th anniversary with longer tours in new countries as well as a Live DVD release. This year sees the release of their sixth album! 

At the moment there are not that many details released about it just yet. They're currently not touring at the moment and are instead working in the studio for the next few months, which hints at the project being between the final recordings and production stage.

If you want to stay up to date on the band's news, I recommend following them on Facebook or Twitter. We also have our own unofficial news blog over on Tumblr

(Thanks to Mari Annika for helping me double check the state of the sixth album.)


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