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12th January 2014
Guest Post: Stacy (Photograph Competition Winning Entry)

Over the festive season we held a competition for a photograph signed by the incredible, Fred Berman. To enter, fans had to suggest ways in which Remedy might pay homage to their previous titles in Quantum Break, like they had with Alan Wake. We're pleased to announced that after several days of reading and re-reading entries we finally have our winner; Stacy! You can check out her brilliant entry/story below:

What if Quantum Break is actually tied directly to Alan Wake and what the Darkness is doing to his world? Perhaps the Dark Place switching out Alan for Mr. Scratch created an open door for things to cross over to our world that never should have been able to. What if these series of events caused the experiment to go wrong on purpose; attempting to control time to bring itself back to when it was at it's strongest. With the worlds connected by this doorway, there would be a bleeding effect. The only way to stop the time anomalies, would be to figure a way to save Alan, and to do so, they would need to find Alice. This is something that might happen. Enjoy!

Jack sat on the floor behind an over turned table trying to catch his breath. Debris from the destroyed windows littered the floor everywhere. The air was filled with dust that glittered through the sunbeams shining through the now gaping hole that was once a wall.

How did things go so VERY wrong? The accident at the University this morning, now he was separated from Beth; he didn't know how much more his mind could handle. Shifting his weight, he took his cell phone out of his back pocket and unlocked the screen. “Just great, no service.” He sighed, closed his weary eyes and leaned his head back against the cool wood of the table.

I just need to stay calm and... his phone began ringing, cutting through his thoughts and startling him back to reality. “What the...hell...,” he held the phone up to see who the caller was, noticing that he still had no signal and the caller was showing as “Unknown”. Hesitantly, he answered the call:
“Hello? Who is this? Beth...?”
“Alan. Please help me,” a woman answered brokenly on the other line.
“Alan? I think you...”
“Stop talking,” answered back a gruff sounding man cutting him off. “You'll do exactly what I say if you want to see your wife again.”
“Who is this?”
“Go to the back lot. There's a hole on the fence to the left. Look inside the junker. I left a little something there to convince you we're on the same page here. After you ditch the cops, meet me in central park. There's a spot called Lover's Lane. Midnight. And don't do nothin' stupid, pal. We're watching you,” with that, the phone went dead, leaving Jack confused and angry.

Who is this Alan guy, and why did they think I'm him? If I don't check this out, they might hurt this mans wife... but I need to find Beth. Maybe this Alan person knows something...

Jack checked his watch, quarter to 6. He couldn't just let an innocent person get hurt. Perhaps he'll run into Beth on his way there. Getting off the floor, he brushed the dust from his pants and returned his useless phone to his pocket.

He took a few steps, and then it happened; his body tingled from head to toe and suddenly everything around him was quickly flying past; tables righted themselves, papers returned to their folders, windows were suddenly repaired. The room looked as if nothing had taken happened. The hole in the building was gone. Not even one piece of dust was out of place. Like a clap of thunder, all the sound returned accompanied with all the people making it. He looked at his watch. It was exactly five minutes before the anomaly destroyed the building and prevented him from reaching Beth.

Blinding pain raced though his head suddenly. Flashes of dark figures entered into his field of view, disappearing every time he turned towards them. Suddenly pieces of paper began raining down from nowhere, and someone was screaming his name.

Jack fell to the ground, gasping for air, panicking and clawing at this throat. He then felt hands touch his face gently and he opened his eyes.

“You had me worried Jack! You blacked out!” Beth was holding him in her lap, sitting behind the wooden table in the same spot, in the same building.

Jack looked at her puzzled, then felt the weight in his left hand. He brought his phone up and noticed it was on the same page he left it to when everything went to shit; Alan Wake's Departure on Amazon. He was showing it to Beth... that's right. He wanted her to read it, because of the Author disappearing and everything.

“I'm okay Beth. We need to get out of here,” he said putting his phone away. “You don't need to tell me twice. There is an emergency clinic a few blocks down. You need to see if you have a concussion.”

Helping Jack get to his feet, she noticed he had been sitting on a piece of paper. That in of itself wasn't the weird thing. The fact that it was font from a type writer, was what had gotten her attention. Beth picked the paper up and looked it over.
“Do you know what this is,” she asked Jack holding it up for him to read:

At that moment, Jack knew there was some dark force behind the experiment going wrong. The same strange evil thing that called him looking for that man named Alan. Something bigger than him, something bigger than Monarch was at play here and he needed to find out what it was, so he could stop it.

Beth looked at him with confusion and fear in her eyes. She was looking to him for answers and security. He could give her neither. “Come on, we need to get out of here.” With Beth's supportive shoulder, they made it out of the building, hoping to solve this impossible dark mystery.


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