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30th December 2013
Steam's Daily Deal Includes Alan Wake

Today Steam announced a set of new deals! The list includes a number of great titles including Alan Wake. You can purchase the entire series which is currently a massive 90% off. If you buy the original title, you will also receive a collection of fantastic behind the scenes material including score sheets, graphic novels and scripts.

Click HERE for the game's landing page.

Updated prices are as followed:

Alan Wake
was: £22.99
now: £2.29

Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras
was: £6.99
now: £0.69

Alan Wake's Collector's Edition
was: £26.99
now: £2.69
Alan Wake's American Nightmare
was: £6.99
now: £0.69

Alan Wake Franchise
was: £30.99
now: £3.09


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