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21st September 2013
Community Spotlight: Kljaka's "The Poet and the Muse" Cover

We tend to cover quite a lot of fanart on the Community Spotlight, however for this piece I wanted to do something different; I wanted to focus on one of my favourite YouTube covers...

Kljaka is a talented YouTube singer and songwriter who has both covered and created his own songs. Last year he uploaded his version of "The Poet and the Muse", and it's brilliant! Definitely worth checking out!

From video description:

To explain myself, I have just today finished Alan Wake, and the game was just amazing. So glad the PC version finally came out. :) Since I've only known the song for a day and recorded it past 1 am, don't be too harsh. This is more of an interpretation than a cover really, and I couldn't afford to be loud on the chorus or anywhere cause of the time of day (night, lol) so you get the toned down version.


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