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26th September 2013
IGN's Top 25 XBOX360 List

With the release of the XBOX One coming this November, IGN turned their attention to their top games on Microsoft's current console. There's a good selection of games on that list, definitely worthy of being classed as some of the best as this current generation, including Alan Wake!

The list is interesting and worth checking out if you have a spare few minutes.

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Description regarding Alan Wake on the site:

Developer Remedy’s Xbox 360 exclusive captivates for numerous reasons. The moody, brooding tone of Bright Falls really builds a strong setting, and the convincing weirdness of its inhabitants further sells the odd and unsettling atmosphere. The stressful sense of helplessness in playing as a simple writer wielding a flashlight (and what few firearms he could find) creates a survival horror experience like the good ol’ days. As the story unravels and the mystery becomes more head-scratching, Alan Wake draws you in even deeper, connects the necessary dots, and leaves plenty of room for interpretation. The story is as nutty as it is interesting, but it manages to balance those elements pretty well. Like Twin Peaks, the TV show that heavily influenced it, Alan Wake is an oddball game dripping with dark personality and eccentric humor. If you’re a sucker for serialized stories, good scares, and stylish combat against the literal forces of darkness, look no further than this fantastic adventure. – Mitch Dyer


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