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19th September 2013
GameInformer Interviews Sam Lake

Recently GameInformer interviewed Sam Lake regarding Remedy's next adventure! In the piece, Sam talks about his childhood and his love for writing, what inspires him, as well as delving into Quantum Break. It's a great interview and definitely worth reading!

I'm not going to lie, if you live outside the US, getting your hands on this magazine is a little tricky. Earlier this year they released an app which allows gamers to download an issue. The app primarily benefits those living outside America who are interested in specific articles. The app itself has received mixed results, but I downloaded it today and even though I faced some trouble, it worked out alright in the end.

GameInformer October 2013 Issue 246 is out now! Click HERE for inforamtion on the issue and to download the digitial copy via the app. (Opens in a new tab)


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