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4th July 2013
Steam's Trading Cards Comes to Alan Wake

Last Updated: 5th July 20:45

Thanks to @RadiNightingale for the news! If you've bought Alan Wake via Steam you may be experiencing the game in a slightly different way from now on. Today the newly integrated trading card system was incorporated into the game. This was something that was particularly of interest over on the Remedy forums, and up until yesterday it was only considered a possibility.

The trading card system works like this...
When you play certain games on Steam (eg Don't Starve, Portal 2, etc) you're rewarded with cards. These cards can be crafted into badges which allows you to unlock some cool goodies such as profile badges, emoticons and discounts. Badges will also boost your XP, awarding you extra prizes as you level up.

You can also sell and buy trading cards and unlockables!

  - Steam Trading Cards FAQ
  - Trading Card Thread at the Remedy Forum

Notice 1: the prices given below are expected to change. These prices were taken from the marketplace a few hours after the cards were intergrated into the game.
Notice 2: Items marked with *** are rare/uncommon.

List of Alan Wake Trading Cards (prices on 4th July 2013)
  - Alan Wake $0.34
  - Alan Wake (Foil) $4.98 ***
  - Alice $0.32
  - Alice (Foil) $3.45 ***
  - Rose $0.35
  - Rose (Foil) $2.47 ***
  - Taken $0.32
  - Taken (Foil) $3.96 ***
  - Hartman $0.36
  - Hartman (Foil) $4.53 ***
  - Sarah $0.30
  - Sarah (Foil) $5.53 ***
  - Pat $0.40
  - Pat (Foil) $5.41 ***
  - Barry $0.34
  - Barry (Foil) $2.84 ***
  - (Added) Booster Packs (Pack of 3 Cards) $1.52

List of Alan Wake Background Unlockables (prices on 4th July 2013)
   - Alan Wake Background $0.32
This background features a promotional image of Alan whom many of you who have purchased the tangible copy of the game will recognise from the cover.
   - Charlie Background $0.32
Fans of that cuddly mammoth, Buck-Tooth Charlie, may be happy to hear that he's an unlockable background.  It's a screenshot of the Elderwood Visitor Centre with Charlie looking in from the right.
  - Dam Background $0.12
It may be one of the cheapest, but it's also one of my favourite AW background images. The Dam Background is a screenshot from Episode five featuring several jagged rocks in the foreground and the words "Well Lit Room" sprayed painted onto the closest, with the dam in the background.
  - Church Background $0.12
This background image is taken from Episode five. An interior shot of the church with the lights lit for Deerfest.
  - Tracks Background $1.15 ***
 This background is an ingame HD screenshot which was also used in promotional material with Alan's announcement on PC. It features our eponymous protagonist fighting against numerous Taken with a flaregun while crossing the railroad tracks.
  - Mountains Background $1.19 ***
This background overlooks the mountains in Bright Falls, with the Dark Presence looming in.

List of Alan Wake Emoticons (prices on 4th July 2013)
  - :Page: (Manuscript Page) $0.11
  - :Light: (Secret Logo) $0.18 ***
  - :Deer: (Deer Head from Float) $0.12
  - :Eye_tv: (TV with Eye) $0.12
  - :OGOA: (Old Gods of Asgard Logo) $0.57 ***


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