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28th June 2013
June Page Updates

With Midsummer celebrations and the presence of actual sunlight in Finland (unlike London...I'm jealous), vacations have begun! This means that we're probably not going to be getting any new news regarding Death Rally, Alan Wake or Quantum Break for a while, although it does mean that the guys at Remedy can now have a well deserved rest. While there hasn't been much official news revealed, I've uploaded quite a lot of new pages to the site.

Here's a full list of everything that was added in June:

Quantum Break

        - Press Release
        - Announcement Trailer
        - E3 2013 Trailer 
        - Behind the Scenes  

        - Announcement Coverage
        - E3 2013 Conference Coverage 
        - E3 2013 Interviews

        - E3 2013 Previews  
        - Cover Arwork 
        - Screenshots

        - Behind the Scenes Doc. 
        - Delmore Schwartz's Poem
        - Inspirations List

Alan Wake
        - Remedy Live Chat Transcript 2010  
        - Night Springs
        - Psycho Thriller
        - Concept Artwork 
        - Ingame Posters 
        - Promotional 

        - Advertisement Posters
        - Advertisement in Action 

        - Reference Photos 
        - Bright Falls Maps

        - Ilkka's Reference Photos 
        - Characters and Actors
        - Storyboards 
        - Filming and Makeup
        - Motion Capture 

        - Construction Layer 1: Clinic
        - Construction Layer 2: Wake and Breaker
        - Construction Layer 3: Clinic 2
        - Construction Layer 4: Gothic Building

        - Visual Identity Guidelines
        - Screenplay
        - Soundtrack Sheet Music

        - The Library

Alan Wake's American Nightmare
        - Visual Identity Guidelines
        - Screenplay: Arcade Mode Narrations
        - Screenplay: Mr Scratch Videos
        - Screenplay: Manuscripts
        - Screenplay: Radio Shows 

        - Live Action Filming


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The Control Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series



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