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2nd June 2013
Alan Wake 90% Off on Steam

There seems to be a trend going on here...

Alan Wake (including the Collector's Edition extras and DLC) and Alan Wake's American Nightmare are currently 90% off on Steam. The offer is for a limited time only and will end tomorrow (18:00 BST). The website has a handy countdown for when it expires.

CLICK HERE to go to the Steam page.

Revised Prices:

Alan Wake
Was: £22.99
Now: £2.30

Alan Wake's American Nightmare
Was: £11.99
Now: £1.20

Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras:

Was: £6.99
Now: £0.70


Was: £30.00
Now: £3.10

(Due to the amount of sales recently with the XBOX Live discounts and the Humble Bundle, the word "was" now looks confusing, strange and alien to me...Also it sounds weird..was, was, was. )


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