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3rd June 2013
E3 XBOX Show Schedule (Updated)

Update #1 (11/06/13): You can only watch Major Nelson's show if you have Silver or Gold membership and only via XBOXLIVE. I apologise for any convenience, I was absolutely sure that I copied it correctly from the site when it was announced.

 Update #2 (12/06/13):  I'm really sorry to anyone who tried watching Major Nelson's E3 show last night. I copied it from his site as soon as I found out that he could be featuring Quantum Break. The page seemed to have been edited since (here's a copy of the original text: His page doesn't indicate that it's been changed since. You now need to have silver or gold membership to watch it, and it's only on XBOXLIVE.

Update #3 (12/06/13): 360 owners can now watch the show for free. It is available to watch via the dashboard, just go to the XBOX One section. It seems that the gold/silver membership is only needed if you want to watch it live!

Original Story:
It's nearing that time of year again! E3 is on the horizon and this year it's shaping up to be a pretty Remedy filled event. It's been confirmed through suspicious messages and gang signs that a group from the studio will be at the event, and possibly even the Microsoft Conference. At the very least the game will have to be mentioned and expanded on, as this time Microsoft are delving deeper into what the XBOX One has to offer in terms of its games.

JUNE 10TH    17:30 BST -19:00 BST

(If you can't watch it live, you will be able to watch it later on your XBOX360.)

Major Nelson will also be hosting three shows for an hour on all three days which will be available to watch via your XBOX360 or at! The shows will contain interviews, new games, discussions and gameplay. This does mean that Quantum Break will probably be making an appearance at some point...As will many gifs of Kermit the Frog waving his arms in the air from this site...We like to pride ourselves on our professionalism.

Show #1 - June 11th - 19:00-20:00 ET
Show #2 - June 12th - 19:00-20:00 ET
Show #3 - June 13th - 19:00-20:00 ET

Show #1 - June 12th - 00:00-01:00 BST
Show #2 - June 13th - 00:00-01:00 BST
Show #3 - June 14th - 00:00-01:00 BST

Source: Major Nelson


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