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31st May 2013
An Abundance of Articles #1

There are always a few articles that I share across The Sudden Stop's social media channels, that aren't news related. With the recent announcement of Quantum Break and E3 creeping towards us, there's going to be a lot more articles, discussions, videos and reviews, so they really need a place on the site...And this is where this new feature comes in. This is a collection of articles/videos which you might find interesting. Some are directly related to specific game, Remedy's titles as a whole, XBOX One or perhaps things which you may find interesting.
  • Cult Classics - Alan Wake
    [Link] - 27th May 2013

    Game Informer's Tim Turi looks back at Alan Wake to see what makes the game great. Despite it being targeted at gamers who perhaps haven't had the chance to play the title before, it's still a great retrospective on why we love the games. If you've got a few minutes spare you should absolutely check it out!


  • Microsoft Studios' Phil Spencer on Xbox One games from indies, Remedy and Rare
    [Link] - 29th May 2013

    I have to admit, understanding the XBOX One isn't perhaps the easiest thing to do. The recent conference resulted in mixed reviews, and so it can be a little tricky trying to find out if Microsoft are adding statements about an unchanging console (trying to appease gamers), or they're changing the console based on potential consumer feedback. However Polygon's recent video/article aids in the understanding of the company's current policies and plans.

    Type: Video and Text

  •  Agree To Disagree w/Luetin: Digital Games Vs Hard Copy Games
    [Link] - 29th May 2013

    Mangaminx (aka TheRPGMinx on YouTube) is one of my favourite Let's Players! As well as having a passion for playing games, she also has a strong knowledge of the industry itself. She recently began a new series on her channel called "Agree to Disagree w/Luetin" in which she and Luetin talks about a popular video game related topic. This time she talks about the digital games and hard copy games. Slightly off topic but a lot of you talked passionately about the topic over at the forums with Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

    Warning: Strong language.
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